Yesterday evening, the 26th festival of Gérardmer opened with “Escape Game”, a horror film by Adam Robintel in competition for the Grand Prize. The jury, chaired by Gustave Kervern and Benoit Delepine, was to the full on stage to open the show. 2018, Sony Pictures Entertainment Deutschland GmbH Yesterday evening, the 26th festival du film fantastique de Gérardmer opened with the screening of a thriller horror Escape Game by Adam Robitel and the first film in competition, after the almost traditional opening speech. Before kick-off, the jury met on stage and its presidents, the duo Gustave Kervern Benoit Delepine, said this new open edition, stating : We want to be scared ! Did they get scared with Escape Game, which has therefore launched the festivities ? It is the third feature-length film of its director, the American Adam Robitel, who was the Direct-To-DVD The Strange case Deborah Logan and the fourth Insidious : the final key. What is it about ? Six people find themselves embedded in an escape game is true-to nature that will quickly expose them to the death. Only their intelligence will allow them to survive. 3 reasons to see Escape Game is a thriller horror sympatoche, more thriller than horror, but the camera makes it rather anxiety-inducing. Although it is never fully scared, the film is effective, each new piece is quite well and takes the game (no pun intended). There is a casting pleasing, consisting of Taylor Russell-Mackenzie, that had been discovered in Lost in space, Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica from True Blood), Jay Ellis, seen in Insecure and Logan Miller who played Martin Love, Simon. Escape Game does not hide its inspirations, and is somewhere halfway between Saw, Cube, The Cabin in the woods, and final Destination. Also, it should be a pleasure to fans of these sagas worship and of the film’s meta Drew Goddard. However, the film being classified with warning, don’t expect to see her squirt hemoglobin. It should be noted that the film will be released in theaters on February 27th. Today, the competition continues with Crawling, Aniara and The Dark. So, keep an eye open on the news of the festival, you can find it here ! Check out the trailer for Escape Game : Escape Game trailer VO

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